The Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC) is a comprehensive testing and inspection organization that covers a wide range of products, from apparel to livingware and even industrial materials.

The company was created in 1993 by the consolidation of three organization with 70 years of history behind:

1) Japan Textile Sundry Goods Inspection Foundation
2) Japan Knit Products Inspection Institute Foundation
3) Japan Sewn Goods Inspection Foundation.
Other two companies were merged since:
4) Japan Twisted Yarn and Sewing Thread Inspection Institution Foundation (1994)
5) Hard and Bast Fiber Products Inspection Institute Foundation (1997)

Our head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Besides, we have 6 Testing Centers in total, in Japan all over the country.
We have also set up 8 Testing Centers in strategic cities of nearby countries, in order to provide a fast and reliable service to our customers abroad: Seoul (Korea), Shanghai, Qingdao, Nantong, Wuxi, Shenzhen (China), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Ho Chi Minh(Vietnam) .

QTEC evaluates and certifies quality, performance, appearance and labeling of textile products for both domestics and overseas markets.

Besides clothing, we also offer evaluations and consultations over a wide range of products, choosing the most appropriate testing method for each case.

1) Performance and durability testing for livingware:
We evaluate the performances of livingware (such as shoes, bags, umbrellas ).
Strength of handles on bags
Impact strength and impact fatigue of heels
Flexibility of outsole and upper material
Slip resistance of outsole
Water resistance of umbrellas
Rotational torque of umbrellas 
Durability and impact resistance of luggage wheels

2) Performance testing of down products (clothing and bedding products) :
Our testing for down/feather products is highly appreciated by all our customers.
We adopt a wide variety of testing methods approved by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), Japan Down Products Corporative Association, IDFB (International Down & Feather Bureau) and EDFA (European Down & Feather Association).

3) Microbiological Testing for antibacterial properties, antiviral properties and antifungal properties :
Our laboratories where we carry out our microbial testing are equipped with cleanrooms.

QTEC is a designated an accredited test laboratory by the JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council), the control body of the SEK mark for bacteria testing, and is accredited by the JNLA (Japan National Laboratory Accreditation system).
QTEC is also recognized JTETC for testing on antiviral properties and deodorant properties and supports certification of the antiviral-finish label and deodorant-finish label. 

Compliance is our top priority: our mission is to ensure the highest safety standards of clothing and accessories for everybody.
We also make our best efforts to realize a sustainable society, striving to protect and improve the global environment through our activities.
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We are looking forward to working together for an even brighter future.

Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center

President Takeshi Yamanaka

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