Testing Services & Inspection Services

Testing Services

QTEC is able to handle a variety of testing methods, including those specified by JIS, ISO, AATCC, ASTM, GB, KC, organizational standards such as those of testing bodies, company standards such as those of department stores, mass retailers, mail orders, and apparel cmpanies, government standards, and QTEC’s standards.

  • Quality performance testing for apparel products
  • Performance  Testing  for livingware
  • Microbial testing, including antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal testing
  • Performance testing for down & feather products and bedding products 
  • Performance testing for interior fabrics, including curtains and carpets
  • Chemical analysis testing
  • Performance testing for industrial materials, including geotextiles, belts, and ropes
  • Investigations into causes of complaints

Inspection Services

Based on company standards such as those of department stores and mass retailers, government standards, and the QTEC standard for sewn products, we carry out product inspection at production sites, merchandise control centers, and QTEC’s laboratories.

Assessment of quality indication labelling

QTEC assesses the conformity of indication labels to the requirements of The Household Goods Quality Labelling Law, and issues the certificate.