Conformity Assessment Services

Accredited certification services

As an accredited certification body based on the Industrial Standardization Act, we offer certification to manufacturing companies seeking to display the JIS mark on their products.
QTEC is able to certify many different types of JIS-labeled textile products, including textile ropes.

Registered inspection services

As a registered inspection body based on the Ministerial Ordinance for Enforcement of the Fire Service Act, we offer inspection services (periodic system inspections and flame resistance testing) for flameproof labeling companies.
As the testing number is also recorded on the back of the flameproof label, it is easy to trace back to its source.

Down & feather traceability auditing service

Interest in down & feather traceability is increasing worldwide, and we carry out DOWNPASS label down & feather traceability audits and a wide range of down & feather testing.