Quality Evaluation

QTEC provides evaluation and certification services on performance and appearance of textile products which are to be consumed in Japan or exported to oversea countries.

Performance Testing and Certification

QTEC provides performance testing and certification services using various testing standards. Testing standard is chosen depending on the testing purpose. We have enough capacity of using various kind of worldwide standards, such as JIS, ISO, AATCC, ASTM, and other organization’s standards.We are also familiar with many domestic standards, such as department stores / mass retailers standards, and government offices standards. Our own QTEC Standard has also high reputation in textile industry.

Appearance Inspection

QTEC is also very special at product inspection.We have well-experienced and knowledgeable specialists.Product inspection is conducted at QTEC, or at a production factory or product storage center by sending our specialists to the site, in accordance with the related standard, such as department stores / mass retailers, government offices, or QTEC Inspection Standard and reported accordingly. QTEC also provides product inspection services in China, Korea, and Vietnam in order to prevent exporting low-quality products.

Assessment of quality indication labelling

QTEC assesses the conformity of indication labels to the requirements of The Household Goods Quality Labelling Law, and issues the certificate.
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